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The company MIG WELD S.A.S.U is established in Longvic, just outside Dijon in the North Eastern part of France since 1986. MIG WELD offers a wide range of aluminium wires and rods ideally suited to provide high quality products for the joining of aluminium sheets or parts made of molten aluminium alloys.

As a leading producer on both European and international markets and ISO 9001 certified, MIG WELD offers the guarantee of a consistent quality thanks to a constant care at all manufacturing stages, a prompt reputable service and a short delivery time.

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The international EN ISO 18273 standards principally defines the guidelines for the chemical components of solid wires and rods for welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

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The goal of Mig Weld is constant quality and properties of all welding wire and rods. Material from Mig Weld is distinguished by its excellent welding properties due to special production methods.